Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dealing with Pain

While waiting for my appointment with my neurosurgeon to be scheduled, I've been trying to figure out how to deal with this pain. What pain, you ask? It seems to differ.

Sometimes, it's the pain in my left arm and hand. That's a shooting, stabbing pain. It makes me hard to hold anything. When it's not hurting, it's tingly and numb. The pain is almost better.

Then, there's the pain in my back. That's usually the worst pain. It affects my mid-back mostly, although it can be my lower back. This pain is also sharp. No amount of rubbing helps it. It does give me reprieve now and then but during those times it also goes numb and that's scary as hell because I'm sure I'm being paralyzed.

The pain in my hips is what makes walking and functioning difficult. It feels like my hips should pop back into place or something . They do creak a lot. They don't hurt constantly, but when they DO hurt it's excruciating.

Lastly, there is the pain in my legs. This is normally a cramping pain although it's not uncommon for it to be shooting, too.

I have tried the following for pain:
- heating pads
- heat patches
- warm showers
- hot tubs
- Tylenol PM
- Ibuprofen
- massages
- Gabapentin

I am currently on Gabapentin. It takes the edge off the arm pain and head stuff but does nothing for the joint type pain in the rest of the body. Some days, it feels like my whole body is breaking. 

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