Friday, June 8, 2012

A more unified entry

I have created a page at the top called "My Surgery Story". You can find it here This should help you follow along better instead of having to jump around to all my entries. The timeline goes something like this, though:

Day 1 (29th): Day of the surgery 

12:00PM- moved to recovery
12-2:00PM- vomiting, walking around
2:00PM- moved to room
- walked for at least 10 minutes every hour until Day 2
- no catheter after surgery
- reported blisters and pain inside of mouth
- nurse did ultrasound and found full bladder that was not emptying completely

Day 2 (30th): released

- reported blisters, pain, and grittiness inside of mouth to nurse
- pain medicine sometimes 15 minutes late or more-muscle relaxer nearly 2 hours late
- reported nausea to nurse
- served molded bread in hospital
- reported too large booties that made me slip and nearly fall
- left alone unattended to shower and wash my sutures
- walked 15-20 minutes every hour
1:00-3:00pm- released from hospital

Day 3 (31st): hotel 

a little pain, some nausea, ate okay, rested

Day 4 (June 1st): hotel 

more pain, nausea, vomiting, rest, ate okay

Day 5 (June 2nd): home

came home, lots of pain, feeling of fluid in back of neck, nausea

Day 6 (June 3-Sunday): home

build-up of pressure, more vomiting, cold sweats, shooting pain

Day 7 (June 4-Monday): home

- called NS, prescribed steroids
- visited PCP (went home with scripts for nausea, constipation, and thrush)
- NS nurse told me if steroids don't help then I should come in on Wednesday
- that night, broke out into hives

Day 8 (June 5-Tuesday):

- called NS
- informed NS of increased pressure and pain and hives
- informed NS that I was almost out of pain medication (1 day left)
- NS did not offer instruction regarding hives
- was told that I could take Tylenol from there on out (7 days complete post-op, 8 days since surgery)
- double vision started

Day 9 (June 6-Wednesday): home

- NS called at 8:00AM and told me to leave for Cincinnati
- ran off road on drive up
- called NS and asked if we could move the appointment up an hour. nurse would not talk to me.
- receptionist called me back and told me not to come in at all-to wait until following Wednesday
- vomiting and nausea persisted
- horrible pain
- clammy sweats from pain
- double vision
- completely out of all pain meds

Day 10 (June 7-Thursday): home

- went to PCP and received pain management
- finally able to sleep more than an hour at a time (first since surgery)
- nausea and vomiting improved

Day 11 (June 11-Friday) : home

- nausea
- burning pain in head
- feeling of fluid "slooshing" when I turn my head
- pressure along one side of head
- pain is worse upon sitting or standing

*note: all of these symptoms have been passed along to my neurosurgeon's nurse


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