Friday, March 30, 2012

Second opinion

So I have my second opinion scheduled before I even have my first.

I decided that since Cincinnati was dragging their feet (I finally have an appointment for the CINE MRI but still no date set for the actual appointment) I should go ahead and get my second opinion scheduled. What if I don't like Dr. Tew? What if I don't like what he has to say? This is serious business. I don't want to go on one opinion alone.

So for my second opinion I am not going with a Chiari specialist, just a neurosurgeon who has done decompressions before. Normally, you should do with a specialist. (And I ultimately probably will.) But a second set of eyes wouldn't hurt.

So I scheduled an appointment with a neuroscience center in Huntington, West Virginia for May 30th. That's a long time off, I know, but hopefully I'll have the appointment with Cincinnati before then so the WVa appointment really will be the second opinion. If I had waited to book with them until after I saw the first NS then it might have been August before I got in. 

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