Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rebecca has had her surgery

Hello all, 

 This is Rebecca's husband posting, because despite her pluck not even she can post a blog entry 24 hours after reporting to the hospital for brain surgery - although she is doing very well. 

We arrived at the diagnostic center (which made me think we were going to start all very again) 45 minutes early and before they opened. We then sat down and made bad jokes while I took pictures of everything and Rebecca’s hogged the only magazine. 

Rebecca's surgery went well, there was a moment there about 40 minutes after she was taken back where I jumped out my skin as the telephone rang in the waiting room and my name was called. Fortunately it was just the nurse telling me the surgery was about to begin now Rebecca had been "positioned" - when the anesthesiologist RN described this process he asked if we "knew what a C clamp is?" which I thought was funny.

I'm sure the phone calls during the operation to the waiting room were meant to be helpful and reassuring, and they were, so long as I managed to climb back into my body and pick up the phone half expecting the worlds "there's been a you know what happens when a C clamp….?" 

 Sorry, it's late enough to be very early and I'm a strange mixture of tired, anxious and relieved. 

Her herniation had only just reached her C1 vertebra, so it was not as long as they thought and they did not have to cut it. They did "shave" a portion off to give her room however and it was clearly thick causing blockages around the sides according to the surgeon. 

The surgeon was very friendlily when he called me back into the small consultation room, and later when he visited. Rebecca also tells me he got on top of the nurses when he didn't feel she was being kept warm enough or her nausea - which was has bee bad but better then other times - was no being kept under control. All in all we are very happy and impressed with him. He feels the operation was a great success and expects her to make a good recovery. Of course he is one of them go-get-'em / up-and-at’am types but Rebecca does seem to be doing well all the same. 

She spent yesterday snoozing, running - shuffling - to the bathroom, and taking walks around her room.

 Thanks all, 


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