Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 18

Little by little, some of the post-op symptoms are starting to disappear. The nausea and vomiting have all but stopped, except for the occasional flare ups. I don't feel as tired all the time, either, and that's a good thing. Although I have to stay flat for pain management, I can sit up throughout the day and I don't feel the constant urge to sleep.

Yesterday, we got out and looked at a house and then went out to supper. When we got back, I sat out on the front porch swing with Iris for a little bit and then stayed up and watched a scary movie with Sam. The whole day was totally exhausting and made the pressure a little worse, but it was totally worth it and NOT something I could have done a few days ago or maybe even a month ago.

The feeling of pressure is still unbearable at times but that's the worst of the post-op symptoms. My neck still feels a little stiff but I can move it fine, as long as I remember not to move it too quickly. 

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